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Summer 2015

Our summers back in Utah are always filled with fun and adventure.  This summer was extra special with Rachel and Kirby's wedding.  We always love going back to Utah and seeing our family and friends.  Here's a little of what we did.

We always welcome our Maverick icy cold drinks in Utah.

Within a few days of us getting home, we had to drive to New Mexico for Nicole's interview at New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI).  We decided to have Nicole stay in the States to finish her High School and were hoping she would be accepted to NMMI in Roswell, NM.  She had her interview, we had a tour of the campus, and she was accepted for Fall.  On our way back to Utah we stopped in Moab to visit Arches National Park.

Gavin and Nicole climbing in Arch's National Park
Arch's National Park

For Gavin's birthday we went zip lining at Sundance Resort with our best friends, Chris and Rebecca Burton.

Before the adventure.

After the adventure...we survived.

Gavin's Bday Zip line Video

4th of July Festivities

We always love celebrating the 4th of July in Utah.  This year Gavin and Vika went to the Freedom Balloon Festival on July 3rd.  We then of course always go to the Freedom Parade in Provo followed by watching the Stadium of Fireworks from the park below Provo Temple.

Vika at the Freedom Balloon Festival

Waiting for the 4th of July parade to start.

 Every year Chris Burton serves free pancakes and hotdogs in front of his insurance business in Provo during the parade.  His business is right on the parade route so we always come down and help while we watch the parade.

Nicole and Chloe

Waiting for the parade.

Vika busting a move before the parade starts.

Jonny was so excited to get a personal salute from Darth Maul

Waiting for the fireworks.
Gavin decided to buy a little scooter for Rachel, Kirby, and Jonny to use for getting around town.  I think he had more fun on it than anyone this summer.  He was always zipping around town on it.

The new scooter.  Jonny drove it home from where we bought it from.

Even comes with a Hello Kitty sticker

Caught this guy riding around town on his little scooter.

Vika and Gavin ran the Temple to Temple race on July 24.  This was the second year they've had this and they ran it last year as well.  I think this will become a new tradition for us.  

Started at Provo Temple.

Ended at the new Provo City Temple
 Nicole had the chance to go on the Trek with the youth in our Stake.  They retrace the pioneer track at Martin's Cove, Wyoming.  They wear what the pioneers would have worn and pull/push handcarts for three days while setting up camp each night.  Such a great opportunity for our youth to remember the early saints of our church and learn about the hardships they endured as they traveled to Utah.

Nicole and her pioneer wardrobe.
Jonny, Nicole, Vika and I spent a few days down in St. George at my parents while Dave, Susan, Morgan, and Emi were there.  We only had a few days but spent it well as we explored Snow Canyon near their home.

Jonny and Morgan

Dave contemplating the beauty around him.

Such a beautiful place.  

Dave and Emmi....fist bumps.

Last trip of the summer up to Provo Falls.

Love Utah
 Our summer ended with us taking Nicole to NMMI.  We drove back to Roswell, NM and walked through with her as she went through the maturation process.  This will be a good thing for her, but leaving her and knowing I'll be thousands of miles away, was the hardest thing for me to do.

It was a great summer but it always has to end sometime.  We headed back to Saudi with two less children this time.  Jonny joined the National Guard and was headed off to basic training for 3 months in South Carolina and then another month in Oklahoma.  He will be home just a few days before we get back in December.  Nicole was at NMMI.  

On the plane leaving Salt Lake City headed back to Saudi Arabia.

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