Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sri Lanka 2015

For Spring Break in April 2015, we went to Sri Lanka with the Gerbers.  Franco flew in from South Africa and this was Jonny's last fling with us here in Saudi before he graduates.  Gavin was hesitant in going because we have been so disappointed in the past with Asian beach vacations, that he said he would never go East for a vacation ever again.  After a few weeks of research, Alicia Gerber and I came up with an awesome vacation plan in Sri Lanka.  The cost was low and it was going to be a very inexpensive vacation, so Gavin agreed to give it a try.  Needless to say, Sri Lanka is now on one of our top vacation spots.  It was awesome and will be a place that we will probably go back to again someday.  Here is a little peek into our Sri Lankan vacation.

The view from the cabanas at our hotel.

Vika lounging in the sun.

Nicole and Jonny debating what to do.

Gavin checking the or not?

Local surfer...loved just watching them.
We had the perfect beach for all activities.  The kids would always find something to do. 
Frisbee on the beach - Jonny

We took a day trip to Galle Fort in Galle.

Vika in one of the towers at Galle Fort

Nicole at Galle Fort

The Gerber's

Another day we took a river boat cruise and then went to the turtle sanctuary.

Another day trip on a river boat cruise.  

On the river tour we stopped a this temple on an island in the middle of the river.

The grounds at the temple.
While on the boat cruise we stopped at a temple on an island in the bay.


Monkey's just hanging in the trees at the temple.

Our boat guide picked these flowers for all the ladies on the boat.  Marichia wears it well.

Our guide then picked these water reeds and made a necklace for each of us.

The water reeds for our necklaces.
The final product.

House right on the river

After the riverboat cruise, which was extremely hot, we drove to the turtle sanctuary.

A day old baby turtle.
Nicole holding a turtle egg.

Vika holding baby turtles.

Nicole and the baby turtles
These mark where the turtle eggs are buried with the type and date posted.
Jonny holding a leatherback turtle.

This is the beach that the baby turtles are released on when they are 3 days old.

 A short stop at the Tsunami Memorial

Most or our time was spent just playing on the beach.  We stayed at the Drifter's Hotel and had beach access in our backyard.  It was the best family beach in all of Hikkaduwa.  Large sandy beach area with waves for the kids to surf, boogie board, body surf, or just play in.  

The beach right in front of our hotel.

Drifter's Hotel looking back from the beach.

Surfing time...Franco, Marichia, and Jonny

Gavin surfing

Jonny and Franco....surfer boys, at least for the day.
Vika just loved tumbling all over the beach.

Gavin spent time with the kids teaching them to surf.

Marichia getting ready for her surfing time.

Marichia giving it a try


Just a walk down the beach were some HUGE turtles that just swim around in the bay.  They are a little spoiled and know where to go for food because the tourists all come to feed them.  They were HUGE and I almost got plowed over by one as it body surfed a wave into me.

The walk on the beach from the sea turtles.

Hikkaduwa Beach in Sri Lanka is now one of our families favorite vacation.  It always helps to have good friends to share it with.  We loved our vacation with the Gerber's and have made some wonderful memories with our family and friends.  From crazy massages (words can't really explain) to awesome food, card games to quiet nights on the beach, we absolutely loved our week in the sun.

Our last night the hotel arranged a special meal on the beach for us.  We had a great meal with great friends with a beautiful sunset and wiggling our toes in the sand.  Absolutely paradise!

Alicia and Franco

Awe the love for a son....

The Gerber Family

Two buds...Franco and Jonny

My babies...

Jonny and Marichia


What a great way to end an awesome vacation

Not sure why the face...but we had an awesome time.

Love Sri Lanka....until we meet again!

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