Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Los Altos

June 23, 2010

After spending a few days in Redondo Beach with Grandpa, we drove up to Los Altos to spend a few days with our friends from China the Galicia's. While Gavin, Frank, Noah, Jonny, Rachel and Gabbi went surfing, Debbie and I walked down to the pier with Vika, Nikki, and Chelsea. We had the BEST hot chocolate ever. Here it was June and we were having hot chocolate but it can get chilly on the beach here. Vika had the biggest smile on her face after her first slurp. As you can see it was way more than just hot chocolate. It was just a cup of delicious sugary sweet stuff. YUM!!!!!

Chelsea Galicia and Nikki walking along the bay.

Gavin found the perfect hat for him at a surf shop in Morro Bay. He finally has a full head of hair again. We should have bought the hat because it was just way too funny.

Morro Bay

Had the best clam chowder ever at this place on the bay. They had these huge clam shells out front that were just too cute as wings on the girls.
Angel Vika
The ever famous evil eye. Poor Nicole, we were all getting a little irritated at her because she was clueless as to what she wanted to eat.

We happened to park next to this "surf mobile" at the beach. The guy was in the cab with his dog tied to the front bumper. He had the perfect setup with everything he could possibly need. He even had a pirate flag flying at the back.

Our Summer

Our Summer started with us flying out of Hong Kong on June 20. Nearly 20 hours later we were back in Utah. We spent a few days in Utah recovering from jet lag and then were on the road in our suburban headed for Los Angeles. The kids didn't mind the trip because they just relaxed and watched movies. We made our traditional stop at "The Narrows" in St. George and then in Las Vegas to eat at Chipotle. We stayed in Redondo Beach for a few days to visit Grandpa Jim.

Brendon, Alicia, and Dean all came to visit us so of course we all ended up going to Carrow's for lunch. That seems to be Grandpa's favorite place now. It used to be El Pollo Loco which of course we had to go to on another day where we happened to see Ron Artest from the LA Lakers. We heard music and a DJ from a local radio station in the parking lot and had to see what the excitement was all about. Come to find out, Ron Artest was expected to show up for a signing so Jonny and Gavin quickly went to Marshall's to buy a Laker t-shirt then waited for an hour in line to get his autograph. It was pretty cool.
The whole gang at Carrow's.

Grandpa always likes to take the kids to the park. This is his new girlfriend from the Villa where he is living.
Rachel and Grandpa Jim.