Saturday, April 10, 2010


Gavin and I finally ran away from the kids for a night and went to Macau with our friends Debbie and Frank Galicia. We booked rooms at the Venecian in Macau and ran away. We were so excited and our expectations were surpassed when we walked into the room and saw the luxury that lay ahead of us. We felt like royalty. I couldn't resist myself and had to run and jump on the bed.
The room had a sunken sitting room and a marble bathroom fit for a king.
We left Shekou early Friday morning and took an hour ferry across the bay to Macau. We were famished by the time we checked in and found our way to the food court in the mall within the Venetian. Gavin loves to take "candid" shots and seems to especially enjoy catching me shoving food in my mouth but I didn't mind here. They had a Fatburger in the food court and I was going to enjoy every bite of my juicy fatburger and onion rings. I hadn't had a hamburger in months and I really enjoyed it.
Of course later we had to get the ever famous Portuguese Egg Tarts and again Gavin had to catch a shot with me shoving it in my mouth. These little tarts are heavenly and I really don't care if I look like a total porker in these pictures. I ENJOYED IT!!!!!!!
We spent part of our time exploring Macau and discovered some fun interesting places.
Gavin and Frank had to show their manliness here as they pretend to be holding up the walls of this Roman Coliseum.

Within the Venetian they have a canal where you can take Gondola ride with a real live person who serenaded us. The guy we had was named Geronimo and he was from Sardinia. He had an awesome voice. After our Gondola ride we went to Cirque De Soleil. We knew what to expect because we had seen some of their shows before on DVD but the Galicia's thought it was a little strange but it still was a great show.
We explored the southern part of the island and found a little Portuguese Village. Not quite what you would expect to find in a Chinese country.
It felt like we were in Toontown because it was so tiny.

We hiked around the southern part of Macau through the mountains trying to find this place. We had heard it was the best Portuguese food on Macau. After several hours of hiking we finally made it to Hac Sa Bay at Fernandos.

On our journey to Fernandos we stopped at this little temple. There was a family paying tribute to their ancestors. They burn items which in this case looked like some wrapping paper and a box. Then they splashed some sort of alcohol on the ground. They believe that they can send things to their ancestors that have passed and maybe they were trying to send them some alcohol. I did notice that the lady didn't empty out the entire bottle. Maybe she was keeping some for herself. It was rather interesting though.