Friday, July 3, 2009

Gavin's New Toy

Gavin felt like we needed another form of transportation while we are here in Utah and this was his solution. It's fun but can't really transport our family has become Gavin's form of transportation.

He had a conference in Tahoe last weekend for the IB program at our school in China. He decided to ride his bike there, which is about a nine hour drive in a car. He took two days going out so he was able to take his time. He finished the conference at noon on Tuesday and I was planning on him taking another two days to get back so I wasn't expecting him until sometime on Wednesday. About 11:30 Tuesday night I got a call from him that he was about an hour away from Salt Lake but the bike had stalled. It started back up but he wanted me to know where he was just in case he got stranded without any cell service. He said that if he wasn't home within an hour or if I hadn't heard from him, to head out on I-80 to find him. Let me tell you, the next hour was very stressful for me. At 12:40 I hadn't heard anything yet and stared out the front window wondering if I should start the search. Five minutes passed....then ten...I was just about to get my shoes on and head out when I heard his bike coming around the corner. I was very relieved to hear that loud bike.

He had fun on his bike and maybe I'll take after my sisters footsteps and get my own motorcycle license next year. I just don't see me as a biker babe but hey life is for living right?