Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Fall Blues

So, for some reason I always seem to get the blues at this time of year.  I'm just going to start calling them "The Fall Blues".

Although I have the opportunity to see many different parts of the world, my heart still and will always be in Utah.  I never thought I would love Utah so much.  After resisting moving there for so many years, our family finally felt like it was the right place in 2006 for us to go.  We did and we loved it.  Even though we always go back for the summer, I always seem to miss it even more this time of year.

I love the fall colors and change of seasons.  That and also the fact the we are approaching my favorite holidays, seems to bring me the blues as it gets closer and closer to the winter.  I love the cold weather and thought of curling up next to a fire with snow falling outside.  This definitely is something that will not occur for us here in Saudi.  I love our life here, but I miss the change of seasons and beauty that is in Utah.