Monday, March 29, 2010

Jonny's braces and other stuff

Rachel had an art project where she danced in paint. This is the result of her work. Apparently the art piece is really cool but I have yet to see it. Our Ayi spent hours trying to scrub the paint out of Rachel's clothes until I finally told her not to bother, it wasn't going to come out.

Jonny got braces put on last week. The first few days he could only eat mashed potatoes and smoothies. Poor guy. It'll all pay off though. He chose to get porcelain braces and you can hardly tell they are there. His first basketball game after getting his braces resulted in a fat lip when he got elbowed by another player.

Vika's Birthday

This was Vika's 5th birthday. We had a small little party with just the family. She was quite the happy little girl.
I had taken Vika to get her nails done the day before. She loves pink. Can you tell?
Nicole decorated the cake for Vika. We had to make do with what we could get here in China. Of course we can get cake mixes and frosting but nothing to really decorate it with, not even birthday candles. I need to make sure to bring back my cake decorating things and candles next year.