Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Around the World in 80 Minutes

During our winter break we went around the world in eighty minutes...not really...but we went to a place called "Windows of the World" here in Shenzhen that has miniatures of places around the world. We started off in China of course and quickly found a lake with plastic balls that you can get in and roll around on the water in.
Rachel, Nicole, and Chelsea had a hard time standing in the balls.
We then ventured off to Cambodia to visit Ankor Wat.
We had to cross a river full of fish. They were pretty hungry and waiting for us to drop food.
Our next stop was Japan.

We then made a quick stop at the Taj Mahal in India.

Next stop....Italy. We were giants in the little miniature version of Italy.

We had to stop to see the windmills in Holland...then off to the Coliseum.
Then it was on to Paris...
We went up the Eiffel Tower to see an awesome view of the world.

Then another stop in Egypt. Nicole rode a camel that didn't look too happy.
Here the kids are at the Niagara Falls....a tropical version.
And what would our trip around the world be without a stop in America at Mount Rushmore.
Easter Island...."me want gum gum...dum dum" Vika had to take a little rest. It was becoming a long 80 minutes.
Yes...apparently there still are dinosaurs in the world today...
A stop in Mexico and South America.

A brief fly by of Brazil.
We ended up in the Alps...Chinese style anyway. They had this play area sculpted out of ice. It was FREEZING.....but fun.

Nicole, Jonny, Rachel, and Gavin all had to practice their skiing and snowboarding skills on the "fake" Alps ski run. It was a fake hill, fake snow, in a building...but we will take whatever we can get.
Jonny taking a run down the hill...more like a bunny slope.
Nicole still had it...speedy girl. She whizzed by everyone.
Gavin is a little too excited here but hey...he's snow skiing in Southern China...not many people can say they have done that.

A little glimpse of our skiing and snowboarding experience here in Shenzhen. Keep in mind this is all we got and it's better than nothing. Just a prelude to our next place we want to live....hopefully someday we can be close to the real Alps.