Sunday, February 14, 2016

NMMI 2015

We took Nicole to NMMI at the end of July and had to say goodbye to her for 5 months.  It was sad to leave her but we've enjoyed seeing all the opportunities she has had while being there and the growth she has made.  Her is a brief glimpse at her time at NMMI.  We were so grateful for other parents who posted pictures on the parent NMMI facebook page and the NMMI Athletic department for doing the same.  This was the only way we could see some of the things she has been able to do while there.

Nicole being abducted by the alien in Roswell, NM
 We took Nicole to NMMI early in the morning where they immediately started the RAT (recruit in training) process.  She was given a little white book and as they waited at each station during the matriculation, they had to study the book in position.
Nicole studying the book?

Nicole being issued her fake gun for drill practice.

Learning the parade stance with the gun.

Now she's studying the book.
 After several hours of following her around the campus as she was issued her uniform, gun, and other paperwork, we finally had to say goodbye.  We look happy in the picture, but as soon as the camera was off I started bawling and didn't stop for several days.  Very difficult to leave your 15 year old daughter behind knowing you won't see her for 5 months.
Saying goodbye
 We found out that Nicole didn't really have to be there for another week.  We had called and talked to someone a few days before we took her because on the schedule we had it said all athletes reported on July 31.  When we talked to someone at the office, they said yes that's true so she needed to come.  We hadn't received any official notification of this but didn't want her to miss out on being on any sports teams so we took he anyway.  She called that night saying she didn't need to be there yet, but after talking to the Major, we decided that she should just stay.  They arranged for her to work out with the college girls VB team during that week so it ended up being a good thing.

About a week later the other RAT's arrived where they had a parade for the parents.  We weren't able to attend but were able to find her in pictures that were posted on FB.

Nicole marching in their RAT gear.

After several weeks of no communication during the RAT process, I was very glad to find this picture of Nicole on FB with a big smile.  
The first 21 days we couldn't talk to Nicole at all or email her.  We could only send and receive letters through the mail.  After the RAT process, they had a confidence course and parents weekend to celebrate the RATS making it through the 21 days and become cadets.  Again, we weren't able to attend but were able to find pictures of her.

Nicole during the confidence course.  Looks very muddy and dirty.

Nicole on the rope climb.

Tire jump

Loved seeing this picture with her smile after the RAT day.

After the celebration, the new cadets get their new uniforms to wear.

Nicole was fortunate to make the Varsity Volleyball Team and Basketball team this year.  She has had so many more opportunities there than she would have here in Saudi.  It was a rough first term, but she survived and hoping for a better term in Spring.

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