Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sports in 2015

Of course our family is always involved in sports.  This was Jonny's last year as a senior to play and Nicole won't be coming back here next year, so it was also her last year playing here at DHS.  Here are just a few pics of what they were involved in this year.

Nicole played on the JV Basketball team as a guard.

Jonny played on the Varsity BB team as a guard.  

Netball is not an American Sport so this was the first time Nicole played.  It is basically a cross between basketball and soccer.  You can't dribble the ball and can only pass.  Each players has a zone that they can play in and only two people are allowed to shoot the ball.  Nicole was a Goal Shooter.  The basket doesn't have a backboard and you can't touch the person as they shoot.  Quite the interesting game.

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