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Motorcycle Ride 2015

This summer Gavin and I went on a week long motorcycle trip with my sister Ranell and her husband Mike, my brother Keith and his two boys, Austin and Colton.  It was an amazing trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We started out at Ranell and Mike's in Roosevelt Utah.  We left Monday morning as we headed north up through Flaming Gorge, Utah where we ended up in Dubois Wyoming where we stayed the night.  Mike, Ranell, Keith, Colton, and Austin camped while Gavin and I were wimps and stayed in a hotel room.  No we weren't wimps, we just didn't have all the camping gear that would fit on our bike.  Next time we will be a little more prepared.

Day 1

All the bikes parked for the night waiting to start our journey the next morning.

Final prep before we are off on our journey.

Ride towards Flaming Gorge Dam
Short stop near the Flaming Gorge Dam

Flaming Gorge Dam

View point over looking Flaming Gorge
Kieth  and his boys Austin and Colton

Another stop on our way
Another stop where the Oregon Trail split to California and Utah.  The early saints took this trail as they headed to Utah.
Finally made it to the campsite in Dubois, Wyoming.

Video of Day 1

Day 2

After breakfast the next morning we packed up and headed towards Teton National Park and Yellowstone.  We drove through the parks as we headed to Cody, Wyoming where we would stay the next few nights.

Rest stop with the Grand Tetons in the background

So much fun to share this with my awesome brother and sister.

The most amazing scenery the entire ride
Short stop at the Teton Lodge to get these awesome shots of the Grand Tetons.

Finally made it to Yellowstone with our first stop at these falls.

We arrived in Cody, Wyoming around 7:30 at night.  We were planning to stay at Ponderosa Campground but they gave Gavin and my rooms away because we didn't call before 3:00, like I really could on a bike where we didn't have cell service.  They had tent sites for the others so Gavin and I went on a search through town for a hotel room.  We even checked Walmart and were considering buying camping gear for us, but we just didn't have enough room on the bike to carry it all.  We eventually found a room and this very western style hotel.  It was clean and had a comfy bed, that's all that mattered.  The rest of the gang ended up not staying at Ponderosa Campground because they didn't like the tent sites and because they were so rude to Gavin and I.  They found sites at KOA on the other side of town.

We had a long day of riding so after a nice dinner at a local BBQ place, we headed off to bed because we have another long day of riding tomorrow.

Day 2 Video

Day 3

After a good nights sleep and breakfast, we were off for another adventurous day riding through Yellowstone Park.

The view as we rode back towards Yellowstone Park from Cody, Wyoming

Hit a little bit of rain during the day so we had to gear up

We stopped at Old Faithful and walked around the geyser park up to Morning Glory.

Morning Glory pool.

After walking around Old Faithful park, we headed over to another of our favorite pools.

Ran into more rain.  This is my Saudi look but American style.

We stopped as much as possible as we drove through the park.  A motorcycle is an amazing way to see Yellowstone National Park.

Brown bears

Rained a lot during the day.  These alien looking kids were with us.  Austin and Colton.

Our ride back to Cody, Wyoming took us over this pass.  It was wet on a very curvy road.

After an amazing day of riding, it was good to be back in Cody.  We had another great dinner and the off to bed.

Day 3 Video

Day 4

We planned to leave right after breakfast to head up through Bear Tooth Pass in Montana as we headed to the northern part of Yellowstone Park but had a little mishap.  Gavin and I were meeting the rest of the gang at a gas station near their campground.  We got a call while we were waiting that Austin had an accident at the intersection just a block away from us.  It was quite scary to get a call like that.  We quickly headed to the intersection and found that fortunately Austin was fine but his bike was a little banged up.

They were all coming to the intersection and the light changed from green to yellow.  Ranell headed through the light but Mike stopped.  Austin was behind Mike and wasn't looking at him but at the light.  When he noticed that Mike was stopped, he pulled hard on his break but didn't have enough time to stop and he lost control and slid into the intersection.  The bike landed on his leg which lucky for him he didn't have some major damage to himself.  The bike was really scuffed and the windshield was broken.  They removed the windshield and thought it was all ok to ride, but noticed that part of his throttle was messed up.  We spend the morning trying to find parts in this small town and figure out an option.  The part wasn't found and had to be ordered.  Finally they figured out a way to repair it temporarily and have the part shipped to Evanston, Wyoming where they could pick it up on their way back to Utah.

During this time as we were riding around the town trying to find a part for the bike, Mike's leather jacket blew off his bike as he was riding.  He didn't secure it down and we were stopped at the part shop when a guy rode up in his car and asked if we were missing a leather jacket.  He said he saw one a few blocks back in the road.  Gavin and I headed off to see if it was still there, but it was already gone.

After a few hours of our little mishaps, we finally were off to enjoy the day.

We stopped in Red Lodge, Montana at the Red Box Car Cafe...great place for lunch.

Great food, great company, beautiful scenery.  The cafe had a deck with the river below us.  

The ride up Bear Tooth Pass was amazing.  This was the stop on top looking up from where we rode from.

Add caption

Loved being with this gang on one of the most beautiful rides ever.

The chipmunks at the top were so friendly.

Coming over the pass coming down on the other side.

We drove through the most beautiful country ever but unfortunately, my camera and phone had died so I didn't get many pictures.  As we drove through these mountains we decided that who needs Europe and the Alps, we have some of the most beautiful mountains and country right here in the United Stated.  Love America!!!!

We stopped in Gardner, Wyoming for the night just outside of the north entrance to Yellowstone Park.  It was a very small town but a great place to stop for the night.  We had another great meal at a steak house and then headed to bed.  Our trip is coming to an end.

Elk just lounging in the front yard of a home in Gardner, Wyoming

Day 4 Video

Day 5

Gavin and I had to head back to Utah to do some last minute preparation for Rachel's wedding.  We met everyone for a final goodbye as we headed south to Provo and they were headed back to Ranell and Mike's with one more stop on the way.  They had planned a zipline tour but we needed to get back home.

One last picture of the gang with our new Tatoo's....haha
It was a great trip with my family.  Can't wait to plan another one.  Riding on a motorcycle is the best way to see America and we are up for another adventure next summer.

Gavin and I headed back through Yellowstone National Park as we headed home through West Yellowstone and Idaho.  We made a few stops along the way to enjoy the scenery one last time.

Our shadows as we headed on the highway home.

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