Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rachel and Kirby

Rachel returned from her mission in July of 2014 and then attended BYU in the fall.  While on her mission she met Kirby Fausnaught who was another missionary serving in Russia.  They were just acquaintances there but when he showed up at BYU for the winter semester in 2015, things changed.  They saw each other at a birthday party for another missionary that served with them, and sparks flew.  They went on a few dates and both became smitten.  By March they were engaged and then married on July 15, 2015.  Here is a little peek into their engagement and marriage.

This was a picture when they first started dating.  Two goofs perfect for each other.
Engagement pictures of the cute couple. 

Lots of planning was done for this special event but it turned out as one of the most beautiful days.  Always such a proud moment to witness one of your children making the choice to be married for time and all eternity to a wonderful worthy young man.  Kirby is perfect for her and they are going to have a wonderful life together.  Here is a peek into that perfect day on July 15, 2015.

Bridal Pictures taken a few weeks before the wedding.

 July 15, 2015 - Wedding at Draper Temple

Finally married...the happy couple coming out of the Draper Temple.

Daddy and the beautiful bride.

Jonny and Rachel

Vika and her big sister

Brady Fausnaught, Rachel and Jonny

Sarah Fausnaught and Rachel

Rachel and her Maid of Honor, Noelle Busath

Rachel and our other daughter, Blair...

Nicole and Rachel

Oma, Opa and the happy couple.

The reception at Wadley Farms in Lindon, Utah

The  formal slow dance.
The fun dance....

Daddy Daughter Dance

And they are off....
It was a perfect day for two happy wonderful people.  Congratulation Kirby and Rachel Fausnaught and welcome to the family.

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